NaturalPoint have been supplying developers of popular game titles with a secretly encrypted version of the TrackIR head tracking interface since 2008, rendering these games incompatible with the standard TrackIR interface used by TrackIR 1 & 2, FreeTrack, FaceTrackNoIR, linux-trackGlovePIE, NewView and others. TrackIRFixer disables encryption in games to restore compatibility.

Titles using encryption that can be fixed with TrackIRFixer:

Simply run TrackIRFixer while any of the listed games are running and it will temporarily fix them. Some games can be permanently fixed (patched) by running TrackIRFixer in the same directory as the game's executable file.

  • If the game is being run as an administrator or the directory is protected, TrackIRFixer need to be run as an administrator (right click on file and select 'Run as administrator').
  • Works with all game versions.  
  • Only about 11 bytes are modified in the game's memory to bypass encryption.
  • For FreeTrack, if the file TrackIRHaiku.ini has not been autogenerated in the root FreeTrack directory you can get it here and copy it in the root directory yourself. 
  • Bypassing encryption allows FreeTrack to be started or restarted at any time, without having to restart the game like with TrackIR. 
  • Games for Windows LIVE (GFWL) crashes when it detects memory modification. TrackIRFixer disables this memory checking so encryption can be safely bypassed and should work with all versions of GFWL up to and including the latest v3.5.50. GFWL is no longer being used by Codemasters.
  • 64bit DCS executable requires a 64bit TrackIR interface (NPClient64.dll) which is not yet available with TrackIR alternatives. DCS has a headtracker plugin that can be used instead.
Download TrackIRFixer v1.4.0.25

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