TrackIR Cameras & FreeTrack

The last version of FreeTrack with TrackIR camera support is v2.2.0.267, apparently removed in later versions due to NaturalPoint demands. It requires the OptiTrack SDK to be installed in order to recognize TrackIR, SmartNav and OptiTrack cameras but only works with v1.1.0.34 (so no TrackIR 5 support).

  • TrackIR 1 & 2 cameras are capable of 6DOF and not limited to 2DOF.
  • TrackIR 3 camera is capable of 6DOF without needing a Vector Expansion license.  
  • Mouse emulation capabilities similar to SmartNav software.
  • Customizable default center view position, like car seat adjustment.  
  • Adjustable center of rotation.    
  • Keyboard emulation. 
  • Joystick emulation via PPJoy. 
  • Can emulate all output control types simultaneously and in combination with head tracking interface. 
  • Custom model shape.
  • Clip can be positioned on left or right side of head. 
  • More reliable tracking.
  • More hotkey controls.
  • Tracking data available through open dll interface. 
  • Does not require game list updates. 

Download FreeTrack v2.2.0.267

Download OptiTrack SDK v1.1.0.34 

The drivers are strangely missing in this OptiTrack version so if you don't already have TrackIR drivers installed you will need to first install OptiTrack SDK v1.1.0.31, then uninstall it (when prompted to search for and remove INF files choose No), before installing v1.1.0.34.